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Interview with the founder of Bagpad with Zurichsee Connections


New Entrepreneur Winter 2020

“Anything that is to age well needs special care – including luxury handbags. That’s why we created Bagpad.”

Marielle Kangasniemi, Owner, Bagpad


Bagpad was founded in 2018 with the aim of solving the issue of keeping handbags in their original perfect shape.

Luxury handbags deserve more than just being filled with plastic and paper. The Bagpad is designed to keep your handbag’s shape and quality for many years to come, it even protects from humidity. Whether traveling, storing, or displaying handbags, the Bagpad is an easy, practical, and sustainable solution.



Marielle, what made you start a business like Bagpad?

My goal has always been to start my own company, and to use all my knowledge about the luxury fashion industry that I’ve gained from my education. As I started to buy more expensive handbags I noticed that they also needed something to keep them in shape while not in use, in order to protect the material from creasing and getting ruined. I researched and asked all my friends but no one had found a more elegant option than using plastic or tissue paper. Surprisingly, many of the big luxury brands also sell their new handbags filled with plastic or paper.

So like any good business idea, which are usually born from the need to find a solution to a problem, this was also the case with Bagpad.

The inspiration for the design of the Bagpad comes from the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, which is a bag that really needs support when it’s not in use. So the first Bagpad was custom-made to fit the Birkin bag, but now we offer Bagpads to fit any designer handbag


What is unique about your business?

Bagpad is a sustainable and elegant option to preserve the shape of luxury handbags. All Bagpads are locally handmade in the UK, using only the best quality materials. The Bagpads are specially designed for each handbag and we offer bespoke personalisation with monogramming. They also protect against humidity and keeps your handbag scent free. Our design is unique and we offer the best handbag shaper out there.


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