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House of Coco interview with the founder of Bagpad

House of Coco is a luxury print magazine, made by Millennials for Millennials.

The theme of the April issue of House of Coco is GIRLBOSS, showcasing some of the best women from around the world, talking about their journeys to get to where they are now. In other words badass, fearless females from around the world.
House of Coco thought the founder of Bagpad Marielle Kangasniemi would be the perfect addition to the lineup as part of their new #WomenWorldwide series.  





Any self-confessed bagaholic is familiar with the age old dilemma of taking care of their prized designer handbags. It is exactly this brilliant bit of insight that inspired fellow handbag lover, Marielle Kangasniemi, to create Bagpad.

The idea for Bagpad is simple. Originally inspired by the iconic Hermès Birkin, Bagpad is a specially sized and customisable product that supports the interior of your handbags, maintaining its shape, and also reducing moisture damage. Besides being an absolute must for handbag lovers the world over, Bagpad also provides a longterm solution to keeping the shape of your handbags, while reducing plastic waste.

We catch up with Bagpad Founder, Marielle Kangasniemi, and talk all things Bagpad, her collaboration with One Ocean Foundation, and about the biggest challenges and triumphs she has faced as a GirlBoss."


Read the full interview here:

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