Chanel Boy Bagpads


These Bagpads are especially made to fit Chanel Boy bags. Please select your handbag size, the material and colour of your choice and we will send you the perfect Bagpad to keep it in shape when not in use. The Bagpads are made from premium quality luxurious Velvet or Faux Fur.

If you can't find your handbag here, please go to Special Order and order it from there.


Measurements of bag sizes:

Quilted Boy Flap Small - L20 x H12 x D8 cm

Quilted Boy Flap Medium - L25 x H15 x D9 cm

Quilted Boy Flap New Medium - L28 x H18 x D9 cm

Quilted Boy Flap Large - L30 x H21 x D10 cm

(sizes may vary depending on model and material)



All Bagpads protect from excessive moisture and odours.

Handmade in the UK.


*Please note that we do not sell the bags featured on the photos